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Benefits of Open Arms

Relief for families with care giving responsibilities

Structured activities for seniors and adults

No cost transportation to and from the center

What Our Clients Say

“Being numb was my safety cloak and I had no intention of breaking the skin. That is until I came to Open Arms ADHC. I sat back and observed the program and when I did that, I felt the decency and honesty, of the program, overwhelm me. I truly feel that my brave new start on life, started when I began coming to Open Arms. To me, Open Arms ADHC is a perfect name because the program reaches out and embraces their participants, with safety and love.”

(62 year old, female)

San Diego, CA

“I wish to tell the elderly, like me, to join Open Arms. If you ever come to the facility in the morning, with a low-down feeling, you will surely be upbeat and happy when you go home in the afternoon. Why? Its because there is no dull moment while you are at Open Arms because you are around people who are happy and joyful. Why am I doing this? Because I fervently wish you will enjoy the benefits and feel the joy we, who are already attending this facility, are happily experiencing.”

Ignacio S. (90 years old)

National City, CA

“I started coming to Open Arms Adult Day Health Care in August of 2008. I enjoyed coming here because I feel at home here and I feel safe and secure because the staff here are kind, loving, honest, sincere, hard-working, and very understanding. I love the food, activities, and services; especially the Nursing, who check my Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar everyday. I thank the Lord, that he brought me to Open Arms Adult Day Health Care. Thank you Open Arms!”

Sylvia Q. (86 years old)

National City, CA

I like how the staff treats me. They make me feel like I count. When I need help with anything, they’re there for me. I’ve met so many caring people and some old friends from where I’ve lived before. I no longer feel alone and isolated. Now, My spirit is real good, thanks to the people at Open Arms ADHC.

Valerie, A. (64 years old)

San Diego, CA

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