Benefits of Open Arms

Relief for families with care giving responsibilities

Structured activities for seniors and adults

No cost transportation to and from the center

What Our Clients Say

“I have been a part of Open Arms ADHC since April 25, 2007. For 15 years with the program I’ve met different people from different walks of life. I feel very comfortable every time I am in the center, most especially around the staff who are always kind and helpful to all of us participants. For me, Open Arms is my second home.”

Adoracion A. (85 years old)

San Diego, CA

“I wish to tell the elderly, like me, to join Open Arms. If you ever come to the facility in the morning, with a low-down feeling, you will surely be upbeat and happy when you go home in the afternoon. Why? Its because there is no dull moment while you are at Open Arms because you are around people who are happy and joyful. Why am I doing this? Because I fervently wish you will enjoy the benefits and feel the joy we, who are already attending this facility, are happily experiencing.”

Ignacio S. (90 years old)

National City, CA

God Almighty made it possible for my husband and I to be enrolled at Open Arms Adult Day Health Care. Our lives have changed ever since. From the kind hardworking administrator to all the staff, we enjoy each day along with other participants, who are all so friendly and easy to get along with. The Social Worker Ms. Cristy is always warm and patient. She goes above and beyond in helping us get the most out of our benefits. Of all daycares for seniors and adults, I think Open Arms ADHC is the best. More power to Open Arms!

Penetrante, A. (83 years old)

National City, CA

Open Arms is such a great place for my wife and I. The staff are very caring and fun to be with. We also have made some great friends there.  Open Arms has truly helped lessen our feelings of loneliness and depression.  GOD bless us all.

Fuliga, J. (86 years old)

San Diego, CA

In The News

New Experiences in a Caring Environment

Published in The Filipino Press
Written by: Aurora S. Cudal c. 2019

Aging is taking its toll on us. My husband's visual impairment and my own heart condition have limited our opportunity for socialization. We have started spending more time in bed rather than wake up early and do some physical exercise. We are becoming lazy, so to speak, and we are becoming dependent on our caregivers, thanks to the In-Home Support Services Program. All these have changed since our Primary Care Physician (PCP) suggested that we explore the possibility of participating in an Adult Health Day Care Program.

Expanding Our Friendship Circle

Published in The Filipino Press
Written by: Aurora S. Cudal c. 2019

Mental health experts as well as gerontologists or those who are engaged in the science of aging and longevity say that one of the best ways to prevent depression among the elderly is to expand your circle of friends and to socialize and reach out to others. As one who is definitely advancing in age, I try my best to be active, to reach out to others, and to meet new friends. I would like to remain mentally alert, physically fit, emotionally stable and socially connected. Theseare the reasons why I decided to participate in the Open Arms Adult Health Day Care Center program. Of course, there are other Adult Health Day Care Centers in the County of SanDiego, I encouraged my peers with chronic ailment and other health challenges to look into this invaluable health resource, if they would like to live the remaining days of their lives in a convivial and caring environment.

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