Therapeutic Activities

Diana Xaphilom Activity Coordinator

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought” – Einstein

Open Arms believes that therapeutic activities are one of the most overlooked essentials in life and is vital to an individual’s physical & mental health. Without therapeutic activities, we begin to lose sight of the joy and meaning in life—our purpose, our identity. This is especially true for our senior and adults who on a daily basis face complications of chronic medical conditions that make it difficult to do things they once loved and enjoyed.

At Open Arms, we strive to create an activity program that promotes positive aging and adult development. We believe that when our therapeutic activity program serves to enrich the lives of our members, with this philosophy in mind, it will not only have protective effects against unnecessary physical, emotional and cognitive declines that come with aging, but will also create a culture of creative expression, healing, growth and new learning for our members.