Open Arms is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our participants, especially during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In accordance with the guidelines of the CDC and the California Department of Aging, we have laid down policies and procedures to reduce the transmission of germs while providing in-center services.

(1) Vaccinations & Temperature Checks

All Open Arms staff are fully vaccinated and boosted. 

Open Arms staff are required to self-check and record their temperatures upon entering the facility.  Participants’ temperatures are also checked prior to boarding the OA Vans or entering the facility. Those with a temperature of 99 °F or above, are sent home, and cannot return to OA until at least 24-hours have passed since the temperature was 99°F or above without medication. Those with symptoms related to COVID, the common cold, or the flu, will not be allowed in the facility.

(2) Face Covering Requirements

Staff are required to wear a face covering above their nose and mouth.  Participants who are able, are encouraged to wear face coverings throughout the day.  

(3) Hand Washing & Sanitizing Practices

Staff are required to wash their hands regularly. Signs are posted to encourage participants to wash their hands.  Additionally, hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout the facility. 

(4) Containers for Meals Service 

Open Arms serves all meals in biodegradable clamshell containers along with individually wrapped single-use utensils. Coffee, tea, and water are also served in single-use biodegradable cups.

(5) Facility Sanitation Routine

After participants go home for the day, Open Arms sanitizes all equipment, furniture, surfaces and any other items handled by staff or participants. Open Arms vehicles are disinfected after every use, and are professionally steam-cleaned regularly.